Financial Planning & Advice

At FSG we help to create, review and assist people as they develop and implement their personal financial and business plan. Our experienced advisors work with you to develop and stick with a plan that will help you to accumulate and protect your wealth. At FSG we believe a sound financial plan can add more to your net worth than a lifetime of work.

Gary often explains the importance of a financial plan by using the Measuring Tape Test. Roll out a measuring tape on the floor to the number 94, representing 94 years. Now put your big toe on the number representing your current age. Look back over the years you have lived and then ahead to what the future holds. The average life expectancy for males is 76 years and for females is 86 years. These numbers will increase somewhat if we attain the magic 65 years of age.

We often remind clients that our best years are likely the current ones rather than the future ones. A couple, both age 65, may have 10 to 15 years together and chances are good that the female may live alone for 15 years or more. No matter where you sit on the measuring tape of life a good financial plan is crucial.


FSG can help you to provide security for you and your loved ones through a variety of insurance offerings including life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, long term care insurance, travel insurance, employee benefits, pension plans and more.

Investments & Retirement Savings

A wide range of financial products are available including some very complex and sophisticated financial tools. We are proud to offer products from over 50 financial institutions including GICs and registered investments.