Michael MacPhail

After having spent 13 years in Toronto, Ontario, Michael recently moved back to Alberta, where he was born and raised, to be closer to family. While in Toronto, Michael built a successful career in real estate where he was consistently ranked amongst the top 5% of Royal LePage agents in Canada. Michael also has personal experience in Policing, small-business ownership and private-equity investing.

What Michael Does for You:

For businesses:

Having a well-tailored employee benefit plan is an immeasurable asset to businesses looking to recruit or retain human talent. Michael will assist in the implementation and ongoing monitoring of employee benefit plans, including life and health plans, health spending accounts and group retirement savings plans.

For individuals:

Long-term financial planning is essential for retirement and Michael's objective is to help clients prioritize and achieve their financial goals. Michael's main focus will be with clients living in Calgary and Southern Alberta.


Michael says...

"Planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now" - Alan Lakein